What is pre-allocate memory?

Date: 2017-05-03

Why the memory is full when I insert it in DVR at the first time?

Why my HDD only show 500mb on computer but the real capacity is 1TB?

1. In order to make the recording more stable and reduce the damaged files, the DVR used pre-allocate program for memory. 

  It means, when SD or HDD memory be detected by DVR at the first time, it will be formatted by DVR automatically, and then created many empty files in it, but each file with a fixed size, normally is 200mb-300mb. So, when you connect SD or HDD with computer, it will show you the rest memory are very small. (although DVR didn’t made any recording). It is normal. 

2. At this time. When you read and check the SD or HDD on computer, you will see many files. See below photo. 

A.     The files like “h264_00000000_000111_N0T0” are empty. These files can not be playback.
B.     The files like “h264_20170503_091221_N0T0” can be playback. 

How to check real capacity of my SD or HDD memory?

3. You can check the real memory on DVR. Insert SD or HDD in DVR and power on. And then, press "info" key on remote controller. It will show you DVR details. At the left down corner there have team memory size. See below picture.