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Brandoo Co.,Limited,was founded in 2009 in HongKong,and China Company founded in 2013,we mainly develop and produce DVRs in different applications in  Shenzhen,China.

We have over 13  years experienced in development, producing,marketing and sales globally. At mean time,we always study from our customers, because we want to establish a long term cooperation ship with you. We are not only business partner, we hope we are good friend also when you know us. We also hopes that we can go better and better together!

Why do you choose Brandoo

  If you like our products, just tell our staff and you will get answers soon.

  We are not always have a special products, or have a very good price. But we will face all of your questions and answer you actively, and try our best to help you solve all problems.

  If you do not like our products, just let us know what products you are looking for, our staff will try best to help you find a supplier and let you know the contact information.